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Department of Computer Science and Engineering

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Head of the

Computer Science and Engineering

Prof. Changhee Joo

In this age of informatization, the Department of Computer Science and Engineering aims to create experts in software, conduct research on novel technology and applications, and provide related education. Education at the graduate level incorporates intensive theories based on the latest research trends and is achieved through collaborative research with advisors. The faculty of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering has produced world-class research achievements, and is actively engaged in international conferences, joint research, and industrial projects. Under their guidance, students enjoy diverse opportunities in education, practice, research, and internationalization. The department’s research and education cover all areas of computer engineering, including software engineering/systems, internet computing and network/communications, artificial intelligence and vision, speech and natural language processing, operating systems and system software, computer graphics and media, games, computational theory, formal methods, security, and computer structures. The department was ranked 60th in the QS University Subject Rankings for Computer Science and Information Systems. The Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence and National Program for Excellence in Software have further stimulated the research environment, and almost all students are funded by scholarships. Graduates have enhanced the department’s reputation with their outstanding accomplishments at universities, companies, national research institutes, and top global companies.


The Major in Software focuses on technology development and innovation in computer engineering, while the Major in Computing Education is dedicated to education and research for computing education instructors or education technology.


The Major in Computing Education provides education and research to produce experts in information education at various levels from elementary school to university based on a comprehensive knowledge system encompassing new knowledge and technology in computer science.


The Major in Computer Security aims to provide education and research to produce security experts capable of creatively solving security issues in ICT-related industries.


The Major in Artificial Intelligence Applications conducts advanced research and fosters talent in professionals under the goal of developing bidirectional AI to solve problems in cooperation with experts.

Department Vision

The department produces experts and leaders who meet world-class standards in research, development, planning, applications and leadership, and contribute to industrial advancements while reflecting the latest technological trends in computer engineering, software, and IT, and produces pioneers who create paradigm shifts, and open the door to a new digital world. 

Education and Research Details

The curriculum is comprised of basic graduate-level courses numbered in the 500s, and research-oriented courses in the 600s. Students gain a strong foundation in theory through a comprehensive examination covering basic graduate-level computer engineering and individual areas of specialization. The research credit system encourages research with advisors, discussions, development of experimental techniques, and projects.